The Piercing Obsidian

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The brand new CD is now ready.  It is called Never Had My Kind Before.  It was again recorded using the technical and musical expertise of Vaughn Passmore at Invisible Sound Studios.   The CD release party was at the Rancho Relaxo on College St. and was  a great success!


An obsidian is a gemstone that is made of volcanic glass.  When broken the shards of glass are so sharp that they can cause mortal wounds.  That is why it is piercing.  This is a violent image but I simply liked the sound of the name rather then the meaning. 


  The band has been in existence for 3 years with various members including:  Andrea Hatala who plays keyboards, guitar,  sings and writes the songs.  Jeff Burke plays bassoon and penny whistle.  He has played with several bands including The Shadow Puppets and  Subtonic Monks.  I am very happy that he is still playing with me now. 


I also use several percussionists including Chris Cawthray, who has played with Rheas Obsession and Hearsay, or Ricci Costa who has also played with Haze and Dragon fire.


            We have been playing in several bars around Toronto including the Freetimes Café and the Elmo Combo.  We have just begun to take the show on the road playing a gig at the Fringe Festival in Ottawa. 

            We have one cassette out which is getting airplay on college radio stations in Toronto, Ottawa and St. Catharines.  The cassette is available on CD Baby.    However, I personally like playing live and creating an atmosphere of fun and energy.   A good time is had by all!